Workers' Rights Board

Workers' Rights Board Members

Bobbie Paul - Georgia Women's Action for New Directions

Father Bruce Schultz, O. P. - Our Lady of Lourdes

Rev. Eduard Loring - The Open Door Community

George Johnson - Big Bethel AME Church

Rev. Jeffery Cave - Christ Church Episcopal

Dr. Larry Keating - Georgia Institute of Planning

Rev. Kempton Haynes Jr. - Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America

Rev. Samuel Mosteller - Georgia Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Vincent Fort - State Senator District 39 

Workers' Rights Board Principles

General Principles

1. Freedom from Discrimination. Our community rejects any form of discrimination, including discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, or union activity.

2. Right to Organize, Bargain, and Strike. Workers have the right to join unions and participate in organizing without management interference. This includes the right to strike, without fear of permanent replacement, when other avenues of recourse are exhausted.

3. Democratic Rights. We value the principles of majority rule, full representation, and fair contribution to our systems of governance. "Open shop" clauses are not consistent with these democratic principles.

4. Good Faith Bargaining. Corporations are responsible to bargain in good faith with their workers within the framework of existing labor law. We value cooperative labor relations and oppose the stalling tactics and intimidation used by corporations and anti-union consultants.

5. Corporate Accountability. Corporations must abide by existing labor, health and safety, and environment laws and must be accountable to the community for their actions. Publicly funded bodies must only contract with responsible corporate citizens who act within the law and  act with integrity. These criteria should also be applied when communities grant tax abatement.

Specific Principles

1. Right to a Living Wage. People who work should be able to earn a livelihood that affords them a basic standard of living. The community value of living wages for work should inform negotiations between companies and their employees.

2. Right to a Safe and Healthy Work Environment. Every worker has the right to be safe at work. Employers have an obligations to take all possible precautions to provide a healthy, risk-free work environment.

3. Right to Grievance Procedures and Representation. Workers have a right to seek recourse for mistreatment at work. Employers must provide a timely grievance procedure which includes the rights of workers to be represented in the process.

4. Right to Limit Overtime. Workers have the right to a life beyond work and a right to participate in family and community affairs. Policies of mandatory overtime that prevent these rights from being exercised are hazardous to the health of workers, and harmful to their families, and communities.

5. Right to Health Care. Reliable and affordable access to health care should be a fundamental right for our community. Employers have a responsibility to provide affordable, quality health care for workers.