Monday, November 23, 2020

'Tis the Season for GA to BE HEARD!

With the January 5, 2021 runoff election ahead and federal pandemic relief programs expiring Dec 26, 2020 we say “’Tis the Season, to Be Heard!”. The fight for needed economic relief, effective safety nets, and true recovery continues in Georgia and needs expansion in 2021. This season Atlanta Jobs with Justice will engage and reach over 100k working families about the January runoff. While reminding folks to vote we will be surveying families that lost income and jobs in 2020 and needed the safety net to work in Georgia. The Georgia Unemployment System failed many families in 2020 and together we must turn the collective struggles into real systemic change in 2021. The dire nature of economic pain in Geogria requires we do more in our organizing model closing this year. In addition to strategically organizing for long term worker power, we will provide $50,000 of emergency relief to families who could not access needed unemployement benefits or benefits have expired in November or December 2020. We are thankful fo partnership with the Greater Atlanta United Way making this aspect of our winter organizing drive possible. 

How can you help? We would love to give more than $50,000 and we invite organizations to match this giving. Over 400,000 Georgians are about to loose unemployment benefits at the end of December and this effort is to help keep people in their homes in December and January. Let us know if you would like to partner with us to give more. 

Cant't match with another $50,000, we totally understand and if you can, please purchase 1, 2, or even 10 we are stainless steel holiday ornaments or bells.  

Each "In This GA" solid and "Together" outlined state ornament are cut from one piece of US steel to celebrate Georgia's collective strength and resilience. Every ornament purchased will help us reach over 125k Georgians before the election January 5, 2020 and add to the support for unemployed Georgians and organizations fighting for worker justice. Don't hesitate, order today, we want you to have your ornament in time for the all the holidays! 
Again we say 'Tis the Season, To Be Heard! Its been a rough year but we are closing it strong. Join us!!

Support the new leaders who have emerged from this Covid 19 crisis in Georgia. Order your ornament today or just add your support to their efforts today.



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