Monday, October 17, 2016

The March to November 2016!

In our run up to the Nov 8, 2016 General Election, Atlanta JwJ has been busy getting workers registered and ready to vote in this crucial upcoming election. Check out all our updates from Fall 2016 below!

Atlanta JwJ Marches with Pride At Work ATL:
Atlanta JwJ joined the newly formed ATL Pride at Work chapter with CWA 3204 and Unite Here 23 to march in the 2016 Pride Parade. We had a blast and got the word out that we all need to #VoteWithJustice in the upcoming Nov election! "Queer workers united will never be defeated!"
#FightFor15 Rally Against Sexual Harassment & #VoteWithJustice Blitz:
On October 6th Atlanta JwJ join ATL Raise Up to speak out against sexual harassment on at work which is particularly rampant in the fast food industry. Later on Oct 14 & 15 we and ATL Raise Up came together for the #VoteWithJustice worker blitz in Atlanta, reaching out to workers across the city to turn up for the #FightFor15 by voting in the upcoming General Election on Nov 8th, 2016!

Many Rivers to Cross Festival:
We had a great time at the Many Rivers To Cross Festival which took part on Oct 1 & 2 outside the City of Atlanta. This was an amazing festival featuring musicians, artists, and community leaders supporting efforts to win justice for our communities in Georgia and across the nation.

Fulton For $15:
On September 21st, the Fulton County Commission approved, 5-2, increasing the base salary for County employees to $31,000 or $14.90/hr over the next five years. 

Labor Day 2016: 
Hope everyone had a great labor day this year! We would like to thank our partners at the Atlanta North Georgia Labor Council for hosting us at their Annual Labor Day Celebration Picnic.
Back to School Roll Call Blitz:
The last week of August, we conducted our Back to School Roll Call Blitz & Voter Registration Drive where we sent people out to 216 worksites & had 1033 conversations and got 305 people pledged to vote about getting organized and prepared to vote in the upcoming 2016 Election.

Stop OSD Rally & Canvass:
-Atlanta JwJ rallied and canvassed with ATL for ALL to encourage our community to vote No on OSD/GA Ballot Proposal 1 that will allow the state to takeover schools! #VoteNoOSD.

Fight For $15 National Convention:
Atlanta JwJ went on the road with ATL Raise Up for the national #FightFor15 Convention in Richmond, VA.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

#VoteWithJustice 2016

Thursday, March 10, 2016

#MAYDAYATL 2016 Call To Action

Credit: Eric Drooker
MAY 1st, 2016
1 - 6 pm at MLK Historic Site

This year Atlanta Jobs with Justice and our coalition partners are excited to inaugurate a galvanizing leftist community gathering in honor of International Worker’s Day (May Day). Join us in making the #MAYDAYATL Festival 2016 a staple gathering this spring for all leftists in Metro Atlanta.


Credit: Molly Crabapple & John Leavitt
International Worker’s Day began May 1st, 130 years ago when more than 300,000 US workers walked off their jobs. That strike ensured that unregulated capitalists faced the power of people demanding prosperity and dignity for all or none. State violence and political imprisonment suppressed the working class uprising, but solid gains like the 8-hour workday were won in these struggles. For over 130 years, May Day has been a rallying point for people’s movements around the world. The history of May Day is extensive and diverse.

Here in the United States, A Phillip Randolph’s call to action for black workers to march on Washington against discrimination was made May 1st, 1941. In 2006, the US Immigrant Rights movement’s May 1st mobilizations rallied the country. Occupy Wall Street’s 2012 May Day call to action also harnessed the powerful history of this day. This year our #MAYDAYATL Festival looks to give grounded space for Georgia’s pride in economic and social justice movements. Rooted in the rich history of all who have resisted capitalist oppression here in Georgia and abroad, we will celebrate our history of struggle and victory. Lastly and most important!!! We said galvanizing right? Galvanizing for what?

Our coming together on May 1st is our political Mardi Gras in Georgia. From May 2nd through May 24th we have to unleash leftist power to show no confidence in any elected state official who is complacent about the Georgia minimum wage of $5.15 an hour, state school takeovers, legalized LGBTQ discrimination, restricted voting rights, mass incarceration and criminalization, failure to expand Medicaid, attacks on reproductive rights, attacks on immigrants, privatization and outsourcing of jobs — the list of crazy attacks against our communities is endless. The history is clear when we fight we win.

So this #MAYDAYATL is a festive call to take action the entire month of May. We don’t get another opportunity to shift power in this state until 2018. During the entire month of May, we call on the left community to stand up to any candidate or elected official complacent with the oppression of people in the State of Georgia. On May 24th we will #VoteWithJustice in our hearts and minds. Carpe diem Georgia leftists! On May 1st gather the family and let’s collectively ground our duty to bring progress to Georgia this May. We are calling on the progressive community to organize and mobilize this May. Know our state official’s positions on the issues and take direct action on complacent officials and candidates. Then we mobilize to the polls on May 24th to make it clear that change is here. We aren’t fazed by the presidential white supremacist foolery; we have real fish to fry come this May 24th and November 8th, 2016.


#MAYDAYATL is for our entire community to join the movement. We rally and march year round often with our neighbors cheering us from the sidelines. Not this May 1st. Let us bring our neighbors into this movement by showing our pride in our work and celebrating our connections to the history of people’s movements. We will roll out the good music, good food, grounded history, political education, costumes, amazing ARTivism, and lots and lots of FUN!! So get your political costumes and art together for #MAYDAYATL. We will be announcing the winner of the Beyoncé Formation Concert tickets at the festival. Like Mardi Gras we know this family friendly party is for the real work in the month ahead.
We are excited for #MAYDAYATL to showcase the beauty of organizing and ARTivism. Thus, WE NEED ALL LEFTIST ARTISTS ON DECK!!!

Credit: Xavier Viramontes
Show your organizational pride at the festival. Grab all your creative members and come up with how you will represent your mission and history. We are excited to pair local artists with Atlanta Jobs with Justice coalition members to help create great visuals for the festival. Please fill out this form if your organization is interested in being paired with a local artist or want to display a visual for your organization at the festival.


Credit: Barbara Jones-Hogu
We are excited to showcase ARTivist musicians, performance artist, and visual artist. Visual ARTivists have an opportunity to be paired with a social justice organization to create an amazing visual for the festival environment. If you are interested in doing visual, musical, spoken word, or performance art please fill out this form.


Credit: Tatyana Fazlalizadeh
Art connected to Atlanta and Georgia social justice movements is highly encouraged. Art connected to international justice movements is also encouraged. Please fill out this form if you are interested in submitting work to the special JustART Showcase.



The #MAYDAYATL Festival will have a space for organizations to showcase their work and for vendors to sell their products and services. We want to include vendors and organizations that are committed to our communities and are relevant to the values and struggles highlighted in the #MAYDAYATL Festival.

We ask that all vendors and organizations joining our festival join us in a manner that is respectful and inclusive of all the diverse identities represented in the festival.


#MAYDAYATL is just a few weeks away, so we need lots of support to make this festival great. In addition to preparing your festive swag, we ask you to join the festival planning committee (Email to join). If you are unable to give your time, please make a donation to the success of this event. DO it NOW please and thanks! Don’t forget that every person who becomes an Atlanta Jobs with Justice member or donates time, or money before April 23rd is entered into Atlanta JwJ’s contest to win two Beyoncé Formation Concert tickets. This concert is also on May 1st after the festival and two lucky Atlanta Jobs with Justice members will have an extra extra special #MAYDAYATL!


At the very least save the date: May 1st - #MAYDAYATL and tell a neighbor there is a progressive festival with a purpose coming to town. We look forward to working with the artist community. Coalition members, let’s make this festival a righteous celebration honoring people’s movements and grounding us for a month of action to bring progressive values to Georgia.

Atlanta Jobs with Justice #MAYDAYATL Committee


Monday, March 7, 2016

Getting in FORMATION to win in 2016, 2017, & 2018!

Atlanta Jobs with Justice believes that all workers should have collective bargaining rights, employment security, and a decent standard of living within an economy that works for everyone. For us to achieve this mission in Georgia we must shift the power structures that hold our state minimum wage at $5.15 an hour. Our minimum wage is a national and global joke! We want you and organizations with similar missions to join us as we get in a formation that makes Georgia a great state for all working families.

The Atlanta JwJ coalition is preparing to do two galvanizing events on April 30th and May 1st for International Workers Day (#MAYDAYATL). We want to give our members what they love while we build power for the things we need. Our spring 2016 membership drive comes with a chance to win Two BeyHive tickets to Beyoncé’s Atlanta Formation concert on May 1st 2016.

If you earn $15 or less per hour your membership is only $25 a year. If you earn more than $15 an hour become a member for just $60 a year.

If you canvass, phone bank, or table with us before April 23rd you will receive additional entries into the raffle. This membership drive is about building our power to win, come help us grow the movement.

As a coalition organizing for economic and social justice we understand that almost half of working Georgians make less than $15.00 an hour. Events like this concert are too often out of reach if not impossible for our members to attend. Our coalition fights for all workers to be able to care for their basic needs as well as enjoy a live concert with our favorite stars. We work hard and we earn it day in and day out, yet corporations and politicians consistently leave our families in poverty. They seriously think we can survive on $5.15 or $7.25. As we work to change this we want at least one or two of our members to enjoy the life we are fighting for all Georgians to have. Join the movement and maybe it’s you who is watching Beyoncé Live! You must join before Sunday, April 24th, 2016.

Atlanta Jobs with Justice has our eyes on the prize. Together we will build and show the power necessary to win for our communities. The way we get in formation the next three years will deeply determine our children and grandchildren’s future in Georgia. 2016, 2017, and 2018 deeply matter for the movement in Georgia.

Labor, Community, Faith, Civic Engagement Groups, Reproductive Justice, Anti-State Violence Activist, Workers, Immigrants, First Nations, LGBTQ, Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated, Students, & Seniors - This membership drive is for us to get in formation for a just economy. Together we will raise wages, expand healthcare access, create good jobs, great education, and strong families. Become a member of the #JwJFormation AND come together for #MAYDAYATL.


Sunday, May 1st
#MAYDAYATL Worker’s Festival
In the rich history of international and local worker struggles we will parade our pride for our movement for economic and social justice!
Bring the FAMILY!

Friday, June 10th

We’ll honor worker’s organizing for justice and get fancy together

More details about these events will be released soon, so stay tuned. We look forward to you joining us in growing power for economic justice in Georgia. Become a member of Atlanta Jobs with Justice TODAY!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

PRESS RELEASE: More than Fifty Georgia Elected Officials, Faith, Community, and Labor Leaders Condemn ICE Raids

For Immediate Release
More than Fifty Georgia Elected Officials, Faith, Community, and Labor Leaders Condemn ICE Raids
Atlanta – The Georgia #Not1More coalition today released a statement condemning the recent raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) which targeted Central American women and children seeking asylum in this country.  “It is deeply troubling for ICE to target mothers and children seeking refuge from persecution, murder, and torture in their home countries in Central America for deportation back to those same conditions and worse,” read the statement signed by more than fifty elected officials, faith, community, and labor leaders.
“I deplore these recent raids by ICE.  How can they defend deporting women and children who fled for their lives from violence?  Surely we should shelter those seeking refuge here from rape and murder.  We call on ICE to stop these raids,” said State Senator Nan Orrock.
The signers called for ICE to immediately halt the raids and for the federal government to provide a fair process for asylum-seekers to pursue their claims.  Representatives of the Georgia #Not1More coalition hailed the statement and further denounced the raids.
“Georgia community leaders are horrified by the raids targeting women and children seeking a safe haven in our state.  Such tactics of intimidation and deception have no place in Georgia.” – Azadeh Shahshahani, Project South.
“We urge an independent investigation of the ICE office here to uncover and stop its abuses. It’s not a coincidence that the raids centered on Georgia where ICE agents are well practiced at intimidation tactics to get into our homes. We denounce the Obama Administration as it authorized, coordinated, and executed such actions against families who have been forced to flee horrible and violent conditions in their homelands.” – Adelina Nicholls, Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR).
“The latest round of raids and intimidation from ICE is not new, and once again, the lives of immigrant families, refugees, mothers and children become nothing more than numbers in a national deportation quota.  We are proud to stand with political and community leaders of this region and Georgia who say no more to these deportation-driven operations that sow fear where we see sanctuary and possibility. ” – Paulina Helm-Hernandez, Southerners On New Ground (SONG).
“We can all agree that mothers and children who have fled violence and oppression in their home countries to live and work in Georgia should not be made victims a second time by a rogue agency. The breadth of support for this statement shows that these raid tactics do not have the general support of our communities or our leaders and should stop immediately.” – Xochitl Bervera, Racial Justice Action Center.
“These women and children have fled from Central America to our nation for asylum and safety.  Our political leaders need to welcome them into our nation with open arms instead of deporting them potentially to their deaths.” – Neil Sardana, Atlanta Jobs with Justice.
Georgia #Not1More coalition is a coalition made up of: Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR), Southerners On New Ground (SONG), Project South, Atlanta Jobs with Justice, US Human Rights Network, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Georgia WAND, Racial Action Justice Center, coalicion de lideres latinos-CLILA, National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON), Southeastern Immigrant Rights Network (SEIRN), Women Watch Afrika, Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America, Georgia Detention Watch, GA Moral Mondays, and American Friends Service Committee – Atlanta.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy New Year, Let's Hit the Ground Running!

Happy New Year! Atlanta Jobs with Justice Members, partners, and supporters.

2016 is here and we are getting geared up for the year's work. Our new staff duo of Executive Director, Shannan Reaze and Coalition Coordinator, Neil Sardana are focused on growing the organization
We are excited to focus on four areas that strategically build our coalition’s power to win progressive economic change for Georgia

Increasing Wages - We look forward to contributing energy that helps expand the conversation and efforts to increase Georgia's minimum wage. $5.15 is a joke and nobody can survive on $7.25. Our efforts will help unleash the power to win wage policies that reflect the needs of Georgia workers and families. We will continue to support coalition partners with efforts like the #Fightfor15 in both public and private sectors. With rising interest rates, housing costs, healthcare costs, etc. our efforts to raise wages for Georgia workers are imperative workers and families.'s base and strengthening our networks.

Healthcare Access - 2 million Georgians are still uninsured and almost half live in the metro Atlanta area. The state's failure to expand Medicaid in addition to the high numbers of Georgians still unable to afford health insurance is an undue burden on Georgia workers and families. Inaction by federal and state government is unacceptable. We will be exploring ways that our organization can effect meaningful change on this issue. Stay tuned, because we have to stay healthy to win!

#Not1More Deportation - We look forward to continue coordinating with the Georgia #Not1More Coalition in our efforts to stop the profiling, detention, and deportation of immigrants from Georgia. As we speak, Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) is ramping up raids splitting up Georgia's immigrant families. ICE is coordinating with local law enforcement and building their presence in the local jails to expand their draconian practices in targeting immigrants. We are coordinating with immigrant communities to challenge these raids and prevent the collaboration with local law enforcement and ICE.

Grow Our Power Show Our Power - Georgia’s elections in 2016, 2017, and 2018 matter. In light of everything above and the many other issues our members and partners are working hard on, we know we need change in Georgia’s Tuxedo Park. We look forward to launching voter registration and engagement efforts that help us grow our power and show it in the streets and at the polls. We have to get excited in 2016 and stay engaged because we are on a hunt for an Atlanta Mayor we can be proud of in 2017, and winning the Governor’s Mansion in 2018.

We will make the most of our added capacity at Atlanta Jobs with Justice. We look forward to working with our members, partners, and community to have a powerful year for our organization as well as Georgia's workers and families. 

Please see the events, meetings and activities Atlanta Jobs with Justice will host in 2016: