Thursday, March 19, 2015

We need you there with us 4/15!

On April 15th (4/15), people of all walks of life will join together nationwide for a historic moment to fight for $15You won’t want to miss it.
For every hard working minimum wage worker who dreams of a better future for their family — and for every person who believes that’s a dream worth fighting for, this is it. This is the day to be louder, stronger, and more united than we’ve ever been. Do it. Show your support: tell us you’re in for $15 on 4/15. And then, tell everyone you know.

You already know why this rally matters so much: the Fight for $15 is a fight for gender pay equality, racial justice, union rights and equal opportunity. It’s a fight for what’s right. While corporate executives, Wall Street investors and other one-percenters bounce back from the most serious economic recession in 100 years, everyone else continues to face a punishing, decades-long reality of stagnant wages. Too many of us are forced to choose between keeping a roof over our heads, paying our bills or feeding our kids.

On April 15, we are teaming up with other organizations across the United States to stand together to yell, “enough!” All of us: fast food cashiers and cooks, home care and childcare providers, college and university faculty, retail employees, airport workers, and anyone who believes in standing up for the rights of workersTogether we’re turning the tide in favor of working people and our families. And we’ll need everyone’s help — including yours — to make this a reality.

On April 15, we’re taking to the streets to participate in dozens of historic demonstrations in cities across the country — from Philadelphia, PA to Phoenix, AZ — to call for $15 an hour and a union rightsStand with us.

We’re fed up with working families being forced to survive on poverty wages, while being exploited by companies raking in billions of dollars of profit. On April 15, 2015, we are taking to the streets. Pledge today that you will stand up on April 15 and be one of millions demanding the fair pay, respect, and the future we deserve! We need to know we’ve got your support.

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