Thursday, February 20, 2014

Georgia State Bus Drivers are Under Attack! Your action is needed.

Teamsters Right now, students in Atlanta are working to build a group to support bus drivers at Georgia State who are majority women of color and are under attack by MV Transportation, a private company on campus.

In spring 2013, MV Transportation was awarded the contract to provide student bus transportation on campus. The company immediately laid off 25 union bus drivers who were represented by Teamsters Local 728 and employed by First Transit, and reduced their starting wage overnight from $11.50/hour to $10.00/hour. 

Will you sign our letter to Georgia State President Becker and tell him to demand that MV Transportation pay a living wage to GSU bus drivers?

On October 14, MV agreed to recognize Teamsters Local 728 to represent the current Georgia State drivers after 90% of the drivers signed cards declaring their support to unionize. Teamsters Local 728 is currently in collective bargaining negotiations regarding Georgia State's bus drivers' wages with MV. In an outrageous move, the company wants bus drivers to make less than an hourly living wage.

In the coming weeks, President Mark Becker of Georgia State University will be given a demand letter to immediately establish a base living wage for all current and future contracted bus drivers and to tell MV to pay a living wage to Georgia State bus drivers.

Contracting services at Georgia State and across the country are broken. MV Transportation says that they received the bid to provide bus transportation because they significantly underbid the unionized contractor by offering savings through reduced labor costs. Such trends in contract services at colleges and universities act to drive down standards for contracted campus workers — especially those that have fought hard over years to organize a union and bargain to raise their standards.

Will you stand with students and workers in Atlanta and send a message to President Becker?

P.S. After you send your message to President Becker, become a sustaining member of Atlanta Jobs with Justice. A small monthly contribution supports actions like these and keeps our local organization fighting and growing.

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