Monday, January 27, 2014

GA Politicians are at it again, introducing HB 714 to eliminate schoolworkers' unemployment benefits

Extreme politicians in Georgia are at it again. Attacking those in our state who have the least! Last year, these legislators pushed a bill to try and deny unemployment to tens of thousands of bus drivers, food service workers, private school teachers, and all other contracted school workers, but we stopped them from passing it due to a huge public outcry from families and communities across our state.

Now, they are back with HB 714, the same bill from last year, that eliminates unemployment benefits for hard working families. The House Industry and Labor Committee is considering this measure. If we can stop it in committee, we can make sure it doesn’t see the light of day.

Call GA House members TODAY and express your opposition to this mean spirited and anti-worker bill.

Mark Hamilton (R) - 404-656-5132
Jimmy Pruett (R) - 404-656-7857
John Meadows (R) - 404-656-5141 

These cuts originally imposed by Mark Butler, put workers in a dire situation. When cuts were previously enacted, workers struggled to put food on the table to feed their families, many were not able to afford medical care, and most struggled to pay their rent or mortgages putting them at risk for eviction. We stopped this situation from continuing last year, but we must all come together to stop it again in the legislature.

Please lend your voice to these struggling workers and tell our politicians that enough is enough! We will not stand for anymore attacks on those who struggle the most and have to live paycheck to paycheck making the hardest of decisions to survive.

Unemployment benefits are a safety that these workers rely upon while they’re laid off during the school breaks. Unlike public school teachers, who are on a 12 month contract, these workers are only paid on a 9 month schedule and laid off for winter and summer breaks.

This bill will make working for contracted school companies unsustainable and cause great deal of employee turnover. Instead of veteran school bus drivers driving our children to school, companies will have to hire and re-train novice drivers, putting our children at risk, and increasing costs for the companies that will inevitably by passed on to taxpayers.

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