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Atlanta Fast Food Strikes Play-by-Play.

At 5:30 am on Thursday 8/29/13 a crowd began to gather at the corner of Moreland Ave and Glenwood Ave. in Atlanta, GA. It was unclear leading up to the event how many would make it out before the sun rose...  As the organized group swelled to 80+ it became clear that the first fast food strikes to hit the Southern US via Atlanta, GA had hit a nerve.  With over 65,000 fast food workers in Atlanta making a median wage of $8.59/hour the level of engagement was no surprise.

At about 6:00 am the crowd including striking fast food workers from Subway, Arby's, McDonald's, TJ's Sandwiches, Great Wraps and Church's Chicken marched to the McDonald's on Moreland Ave.

A strike line was set outside of the store, and striking workers shared why they were going on strike.  Pictured to the left is Tina who works at Church's chicken and her daughter.

Tina was asked by a reporter why she was out on strike today and she replied:

"I'm here to stand up for the ones who might be afraid to stand up.  I'm here to fight for 15$ and the right to form a union.  I've been with the company for three years and with the money that I help make for Church's... I feel as if I need a little more money to provide for my daughter."

The crowd gathered and entered the McDonald's in order to deliver a letter that included the demands to raise the wage to 15$.  The letter was not targeted at the franchise owner, but the corporate headquarters of McDonalds.

Following the letter delivery we re-grouped and headed to the Church's Chicken on Moreland Ave.  There were three striking workers from that location including Fred pictured below:

Fred has been working at this Church's Chicken location for 15 years and makes $8.25/hour.  He works 35 hours per week but would like to work more hours.

Fred led a letter delegation into the store to share their demands with the store manager.

Following the letter delegation, Fred participated in a phone interview with the station 1310am, a Latino oriented community radio station in Georgia.  He shared his story, which was then translated into Spanish.  Fred's experience resonated with the listeners given that many Latinos in Georgia are facing similar starvation wages.

Later in the day at 4:30 pm, another strike line and rally was held near the Five Points MARTA station.  The rally was very spirited, with many attending who had seen media coverage from earlier in the day.  The square is home to a Burger King, Popeye's and McDonald's to name a few.  We marched from Five Points out onto Mitchell St. and began to chant... "Low pay is not ok!"  and "Can't survive.. on Seven Twenty Five!"  As the energy began to build, seemingly out of nowhere... Congressman John Lewis calmly strode onto the scene:

Congressman John Lewis shared these humble, powerful and loving words with the fast food workers and their supporters.  There is a moment at 1:45 in the video posted below where Congressman John Lewis hugged Pamela, a striking worker from Great Wraps. An embrace that perhaps captures more than words ever will, why we must raise the wage.


Below is a list of media coverage for the Atlanta Fast Food Worker Strikes.

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Atlanta Coverage in National Outlets
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