Saturday, March 2, 2013

URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Committee Vote on SB 227 this MONDAY, MAR 4 - 11AM

​URGENT: This Monday, the Georgia State Senate Committee on Insurance and Labor will be voting on: SB 227 a bill that would make the unemployment benefit cuts imposed by GA Labor Commissioner Mark Butler permanent under state​ law.

We need everyone to:

1. Take the online action to contact members of the Committee on Insurance and Labor before 11 am this Monday and Tell them to vote against SB 227

2. Attend the SB 227 Committee Vote:
Monday, March 4th - 11 AM
Capitol Building, Room 125

3. Quickly Spread the Word: Forward this email, Share this on Facebook and Twitter, Call your Coworkers, Friends, and Family.

4. Call Members of the GA Committee on Insurance and Labor:
*Committee Chairman Sen. Tim Golden - Phone: (404) 656-7580 
*Sen. Joshua McKoon -Phone: (404) 463-3931
*Sen. Ronald Ramsey - Phone: (404) 463-2598
Sen. Charlie Bethel - Phone: (404) 651-7738
Sen. Ed Harbison - Phone: (404) 656-0074
Sen. Judson Hill - Phone: (404) 656-0150
Sen. Burt Jones - Phone: (404) 656-0082
Sen. David Shafer - Phone: (404) 656-0048
Sen. Renee Unterman - Phone: (404) 463-1368
*Highest Priority

We at Atlanta Jobs with Justice ask you to stand with these workers who have lost so much as it is. Your efforts could make all the difference here.


  1. It would be helpful to have more details on this, like how much was cut, were time limits changed, etc.

  2. Courtesy of Mark Butler's decision, all of Sodexo at Kennesaw State University were denied Summer 2011 and Winter 2011 unemployment benefits. Now the GA State Senate is awarding Mark Butler (who has likely committed insurance fraud) for doing something illegal.


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