Monday, March 25, 2013

Today GA Senate Decides whether to Ban over 60,000 School Workers from Receiving Unemployment Benefits

This afternoon, the GA State Senate will vote on HB 361, a bill that will effectively ban over 60,000 school workers in the State of GA from receiving unemployment benefits when laid off during school breaks. This bill comes a year after GA Labor Commissioner Mark Butler unilaterally denied unemployment benefits to GA school workers with out any authorization under the law. This bill is an effort to bring Mark Butler's extralegal decision into accordance with unemployment law. The push for this bill highlights the unlawful nature of the unemployment benefits that were already denied to GA school workers throughout 2012.

Earlier this month the senate tried to pass this measure as an independent bill SB 227, however that bill failed to crossover. The language of SB 227 was amended to HB 361, a bill designed to allow let union members leave their union at any time during the year, and require the posting of instructions on how to leave or decertify unions in the workplace.

Today, GA Senators will decide whether low-income school workers across the state will permanently loose access to the unemployment benefits in which they require to support their families.


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