Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jobs with Justice goes to India!

Representing the Right to Work South within the United Workers Congress.

Stay tuned to the website... Roger will be posting blog updates from India until early March on this website and on the Atlanta Jobs with Justice Facebook Page. Denise Diaz from Central Florida Jobs with Justice will be posting updates to her tumblr HERE

The delegation which consists of Representatives from the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON), National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), National Guest Workers Alliance (NGWA), Jobs with Justice (JwJ) and the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) seeks to learn from and engage with different sectors of the Indian trade union movement, community organizations and worker organizations.

Here is more information about the United Workers Congress: From Exclusion to Power:
The United Workers Congress is a strategic alliance of workers that are either by law or by practice excluded from the right to organize in the United States. We are national networks that represent a base of workers, and also regional networks and individual organizations in industries where there is no national network. 
The United Workers Congress brings together sectors of workers who were told they couldn't organize but who went out and did it anyway. They provide inspiring models for innovative labor organizing for the 21st century. Their hard-won victories provide the foundation for a new framework for a new era of building worker power. These organizations are ready for the long-term movement that it will take to expand the rights of workers—both in the United States and around the world—to organize and to exercise their collective power.
The United Workers Congress believes that all people who work have the human right to organize and deserve working conditions of respect and dignity, regardless of the temporary nature of their work, their lack of a fixed workplace, their immigration status, any previous criminal convictions, whether they currently have a job or not, how they are classified or misclassified, or their lack of a traditional collective bargaining structure.
We will seek to overcome discrimination based on race, gender, age, immigration status, religion, sexual orientation and other categories. We understand that these categories are mostly used by employers to divide workers against each other.
We are a part of building, broadening and strengthening the labor movement in the US and abroad.

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