Monday, December 30, 2013

Organize the South, Donate to Atlanta Jobs with Justice.

In 2013 we won big victories and laid important infrastructure towards organizing the South.  Let's be clear, our city of Atlanta is critical to the regional, national and global struggle to build an economy that works for EVERYONE. The South must lead. Building an unapolagetically progressive organization that unites community, labor, students and faith communities in effective campaigns and movements for economic, racial and social justice is a tall task anywhere, but especially in the South.

There is no more important work than organizing our city and state.  We must do so.  Atlanta Jobs with Justice is able to take strong and decisive action on issues confronting working families because we raise our own money from our base and from our member organizations.

Donate to Atlanta Jobs with Justice so that we can continue our trajectory of fighting unapolagetically for working families in the South.  We raise our own resources, we create our own local agenda.

Here's what we accomplished in 2013:
  • Led the statewide "Justice for School Workers" campaign that won back $8,000,000 dollars in unemployment benefits for over 4,000 contingent, low wage school workers.  This catalyzed x3 union organizing drives, two of which were victorious with food service workers at Clark Atlanta University and Agnes Scott College. (mobilized 1800+ participants throughought this campaign)
  • We expanded our member organizations from 19 in 2012 to 30 in 2013, greatly expanding our base and capacity.
  • We coordinated fast food worker strikes in Atlanta, GA with workers from over 14 stores participating.  We shut down x2 fast food stores for hours during these actions and shifted the media dialogue to focus on raising the minimum wage (mobilized 425+ people over x2 days of action).
  • Member organization AUC Alliance for Fair Labor won campaign urging Spelman College to sign on to the Workers' Rights Consortium.
  • Forged a partnership with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) to hold Publix accountable to farm workers, (organized 250+ person picket event).
  • Play an anchoring role in bringing the Moral Monday movement to Georgia (First action around Medicaid Expansion to be held on January 13th!).
  • Participated in program to develop international solidarity with the trade union movement in India and played a key role in developing the United Workers Congress.
  • Supported member organization the National Domestic Workers Alliance - Atlanta Chapter in grass roots pressure campaign for Medicaid Expansion in Georgia.

These are just some of the highlights from 2013. Atlanta Jobs with Justice supported many other organizations, campaigns, communities and movements in the city of Atlanta and across the state of Georgia that would not have happened without 
We pledge to fight for economic, racial and social justice in the South. Help us remain independent and able to address the roots of poverty by 
funding our work.
Build Atlanta Jobs with Justice, Donate.  Your donations are tax deductible.

We are very excited for 2014 to unite low wage workers across our city and state to win campaigns led by our communities in the South.

In Solidarity,
Atlanta Jobs with Justice 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Atlanta Fast Food Strikes Dec. 5th (D5) !

This Thursday December 5th fast food workers in Atlanta will be going on strike. Fast food workers are demanding $15/hour and an end to retaliation against workers who choose to organize.  Fast food workers are taking some risk here and support from the Atlanta community will help to give them more protection.

The first action on December 5th will happen bright and early:

Thursday December 5th
5:30 am  (Yes, 5:30 am)
Corner of Moreland Ave. SE and Glenwood Ave SE Atlanta, GA
The Facebook event can be found here:

The second action on December 5th will take place:

Thursday December 5th
5:00 pm
Cleopas R. Johnson Park (Corner of Atlanta Student Movement Blvd. and Northside Dr. SW Atlanta, GA)
The Facebook event can be found here:

In Atlanta we are building all of the low wage worker campaigns together.  We believe that Walmart workers, campus food service workers, adjuncts and all other low wage workers must unite to raise the floor for everyone.  There will be campus food service workers and other low wage workers standing with the fast food workers on Thursday.

The event times and locations are now PUBLIC so please spread the word to your networks and invite your friends to the Facebook event!


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Low Pay is Not OK Report Release in ATLANTA, GA.

 Okay – we all know that fast food employees don’t make enough to get by.  But this, this will shock you.
A report came out today showing that 52% of fast food employees’ families are forced to rely on social safety net programs, like Food Stamps or Medicaid, because we're paid so little. And it costs taxpayers an unthinkable $7 BILLION each year.  In our state of Georgia, 61% of fast food employees' families rely on social safety net programs - this costs tax payers $297 milion per year.  Tax payers should not be subsidizing the irresponsibility of fast food corporations who refuse to pay their employees a decent wage.

Burger King, McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King and the rest of the big fast food chains are reaping huge profits while taxpayers foot the bill for the unlivable wages they pay us.

Nearly $7 billion a year.  That means the average household forks over about $61 a year.  $61 a year so that McDonald’s can rake in $5.5 billion in profits.  $61 a year from every household so that the CEO of Yum! Brands (Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC) can make more than $14 million a year.  Unbelievable.  
We don’t want to rely on public assistance – we’d much rather receive an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s (hard!) work.  But we have kids to feed, families to support and we have no other choice. 
Raising two kids on the $8.25 an hour I make at McDonald’s in Chicago just isn’t possible.  And I’m lucky.  I get more hours than a lot of my co-workers – but still, over half of us who work 30 hours a week or more – who work full time – are forced to rely on public safety net programs. 

It’s not okay.  And I hope you’ll help us change it today. Tell the top eight fast food chains to pay us $15 an hour so we don’t have to rely on social safety net programs and so that taxpayers can stop handing over nearly $7 billion a year to the fast food industry.  Please spread the word about the hidden public costs of the fast food industry after you have. 

We’ll be in touch with what’s next,

Nancy Salgado
Low Pay is Not OK
Atlanta Jobs with Justice

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Labor at Atlanta Pride March.

The Atlanta Pride March will take place this Sunday.  Atlanta Jobs with Justice will join a number of our member organizations including - UNITE HERE Local 23,  the Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America and Congregation Bet Haverim who will be marching in the parade.  The rights of LGBTQ workers in the workplace are workers' rights. LGBTQ rights are human rights. Many of our sisters and brothers within the movement identify as LGBTQ, and its important that the Atlanta labor community stands up strong for the rights of all workers, including those who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and or Queer.  More info about the march can be found HERE.
We will gather:
In the lobby of the IBEW Building (501 Pulliam St. SW Atlanta, GA)
11:00 am
Sunday October 13th
*We will then all take MARTA together to the Civic Center MARTA station
*If anyone is interested, we will be making signs/banners at the UNITE HERE office a little bit earlier at 10:00 am on Sunday (Suite 514 at the IBEW Bldng).  Folks are welcome !


Monday, October 7, 2013

Publix Truth Tour Atlanta, GA.

Over 200 Atlanta community members stood with farm workers from Immokalee, FL on Thursday.  Publix continues to sustain poverty in the fields by refusing to meet basic standards that 11 other corporations have already agreed to including: Pay 1 penny more per pound of tomatoes picked and respect basic health and safety protections on the job.

Photo by Laura Emiko Soltis


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

OCT 3rd: Protest for Farmworker Justice - 6PM

PROTEST for Farmworker Justice at the Publix on Ponce
Join Atlanta Jobs with Justice and farmworkers with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) for the culmination of the two-week Publix Truth Tour throughout the Southeast US! Add your voice to the growing chorus urging Publix to join the Fair Food Program and help ensure the dignity of farmworkers in their supply chain.

Protest for Farmworker Justice Facebook Event
Publix @ 1001 Ponce de Leon Ave. NE Atlanta, GA

Parking: 2 blocks down at Druid Hills Baptist Church (1085 Ponce)
For more info:

Joe Parker: | 239.503.0771

Neil Sardana: | 404.913.9595
Background: After two decades of worker-led struggle through the Campaign for Fair Food, eleven major food retailers — including McDonalds, Burger King and Whole Foods — have joined the Fair Food Program (FFP), agreeing to purchase exclusively from tomato farms that comply with a stringent, worker-designed code of conduct.  In addition, participating retailers have paid out over $10 million in penny-per-pound premiums, constituting the first wage increase for farmworkers in over 30 years. For four years, Publix has staunchly refused to join the FFP.

Meanwhile, groundbreaking changes have begun to take root in the fields. For the first time ever, farmworkers on participating farms are guaranteed access to shade and water, women are fighting back against sexual harassment and abuse, and farmworkers and growers together are eliminating the scourge of forced labor.

Rather than join this rising tide of justice, Publix continues to spread falsehoods about the Fair Food Program, providing an alternative market for abusive growers and anchoring the resistance of the national supermarket industry. As Publix expands throughout the Southeast, add your voice to the call for the supermarket giant to expand its commitment to human rights! To read more, visit the CIW Website.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thank you to all who supported us at our fundraiser! We raised over $3000!

Big thanks to all those who came out to our Get Down With The Cause Fundraiser on Saturday night!

We were able to raise over $3000 at the fundraiser! We appreciate all the donations and the support for our work! We couldn't have done it without you!

We would especially like to thank:
-AFGE Local 2778
-AFSCME Local 3
-AFSCME Local 1644
-Atlanta-North Georgia Labor Council
-ATU Local 732
-CWA Local 3204
-Georgia AFL-CIO
-Georgia WAND
-GCIU/IBT Local 8m
-IBEW Local 613
-IUPAT District Council 77
-Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America
-National Domestic Workers Alliance Atlanta Chapter
-9 to 5 Working Women Atlanta -North Georgia Building & Construction Trades Council
-Open Door Community
-Teamsters Local 728 -UAW GOI/Georgia Student Justice Alliance
-UFCW Local 1996
-UNITE HERE Local 23
-US Human Rights Network
-Workers United - SEIU Southern Region

-GA State Senator Nan Orrock
-GA State Senator Vincent Fort
-GA State Rep. Sheila Jones

-Mi Barrio Mexican Restaurant
-Superior Printing

An extra special thank you to CWA Local 3204 for hosting our event at their hall!

And check out the picture story below of the work of Atlanta Jobs with Justice over the past two years!  You might be in it :)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Atlanta Fast Food Strikes Play-by-Play.

At 5:30 am on Thursday 8/29/13 a crowd began to gather at the corner of Moreland Ave and Glenwood Ave. in Atlanta, GA. It was unclear leading up to the event how many would make it out before the sun rose...  As the organized group swelled to 80+ it became clear that the first fast food strikes to hit the Southern US via Atlanta, GA had hit a nerve.  With over 65,000 fast food workers in Atlanta making a median wage of $8.59/hour the level of engagement was no surprise.

At about 6:00 am the crowd including striking fast food workers from Subway, Arby's, McDonald's, TJ's Sandwiches, Great Wraps and Church's Chicken marched to the McDonald's on Moreland Ave.

A strike line was set outside of the store, and striking workers shared why they were going on strike.  Pictured to the left is Tina who works at Church's chicken and her daughter.

Tina was asked by a reporter why she was out on strike today and she replied:

"I'm here to stand up for the ones who might be afraid to stand up.  I'm here to fight for 15$ and the right to form a union.  I've been with the company for three years and with the money that I help make for Church's... I feel as if I need a little more money to provide for my daughter."

The crowd gathered and entered the McDonald's in order to deliver a letter that included the demands to raise the wage to 15$.  The letter was not targeted at the franchise owner, but the corporate headquarters of McDonalds.

Following the letter delivery we re-grouped and headed to the Church's Chicken on Moreland Ave.  There were three striking workers from that location including Fred pictured below:

Fred has been working at this Church's Chicken location for 15 years and makes $8.25/hour.  He works 35 hours per week but would like to work more hours.

Fred led a letter delegation into the store to share their demands with the store manager.

Following the letter delegation, Fred participated in a phone interview with the station 1310am, a Latino oriented community radio station in Georgia.  He shared his story, which was then translated into Spanish.  Fred's experience resonated with the listeners given that many Latinos in Georgia are facing similar starvation wages.

Later in the day at 4:30 pm, another strike line and rally was held near the Five Points MARTA station.  The rally was very spirited, with many attending who had seen media coverage from earlier in the day.  The square is home to a Burger King, Popeye's and McDonald's to name a few.  We marched from Five Points out onto Mitchell St. and began to chant... "Low pay is not ok!"  and "Can't survive.. on Seven Twenty Five!"  As the energy began to build, seemingly out of nowhere... Congressman John Lewis calmly strode onto the scene:

Congressman John Lewis shared these humble, powerful and loving words with the fast food workers and their supporters.  There is a moment at 1:45 in the video posted below where Congressman John Lewis hugged Pamela, a striking worker from Great Wraps. An embrace that perhaps captures more than words ever will, why we must raise the wage.


Below is a list of media coverage for the Atlanta Fast Food Worker Strikes.

Atlanta Fast Food Strike Coverage
The fast-food worker strike and the bigger picture
Fast Food Workers Mount Walkout Across The U.S.
August 29, 2013. Atlanta Journal Constitution. (Also published in Access Atlanta.)
Fast Food Workers' Strike Back On
August 28, 2013. Atlanta Journal Constitution. (Also published in Access Atlanta.)

Atlanta fast food workers planning walk out
Fast-Food Workers Stage Job Action in 60 Cities, Demand Living Wage
Local, national fast food workers strike, ask for raise
August 29, 2013. NBC: 11Alive, Holly Pennebaker.
Fast-food walkout: McDonald’s employees push for higher wages
Fast-food workers walkout across U.S. for $15 per hour
Wave of fast food strikes hits 60 cities
U.S. fast-food workers protest, demand a 'living wage'
Wage War: The largest fast-food strike to date - Video on

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Atlanta Coverage in Other Cities
August 29, 2013. NBC: WSAV Savannah, GA:

August 29, 2013. CBS WSPA, Spartanburg, SC.

August 29, 2013. New Observer, Raleigh, NC.

Atlanta Coverage in National Outlets
August 29, 2013. CNN Money, Alanna Petroff and James O'Toole (features video of Atlanta Great Wraps worker Pamela).
(Also published in: yahoo news
August 29, 2013. AP, Candice Choi, AP Food Industry Writer

August 29, 2013. Bill
(Also published in the Courier Journal)
August 29, 2013. All in with Chris Hayes, Video on

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Join the Fight! - Atlanta is joining the Fast Food Worker Movement!

Did you know?

The fastest growing jobs in the United States are also the lowest paid. Fast food provides an increasing share of our new jobs, but workers are paid between $10,000 and $18,000/year less than half what it costs to support a family in the Atlanta Metropolitan area.

Fast Food workers are not paid enough to afford basic needs like food, clothing, and rent. They often qualify for public assistance, which means that major profitable corporations are forcing taxpayers to subsidize their low wages and burdening the economy.

The Fast Food Industry (McDonald's, Burger King, Chick-fil-A) is a booming industry which accounts for over $200 BILLION in profits. They should pay their hard working employees enough to cover the necessities and support their families.

This is the main reason why fast food workers are joining together nationwide to demand a livable wage and protection from unlawful treatment. Do you or someone you know work at a fast food restaurant? Contact Jawair at (305) 205.9131 or at

Join Atlanta Jobs with Justice and the Atlanta Workers Organizing Committee in an Action of Solidarity to show why supporting the working class matters.

When: Thursday, August 29 from 4:00pm - 6:30pm

Where: Five Points Station: 30 Alabama St SW, Atlanta 30303 (Map/Direction).

Transportation: If you would like free parking and transportation to the event, please meet us at 3:30 PM at the IBEW Building 501 Pulliam St SW Atlanta, GA 30312

Who: We are inviting community members, labor leaders, political leaders, distinguished clergy members and all volunteers to attend this historic event.

*We are targeting the central corporations (national or multi-national) of the fast food restaurants, not the local franchise owners. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

PURCHASE TICKETS FOR: Get Down With The Cause! A Benefit for Atlanta Jobs with Justice

Come join us for a night of celebration and solidarity to benefit Atlanta Jobs with Justice. We will be lifting up the work and struggles of Atlanta Jobs with Justice coalition members and highlighting several victories we saw over the past year.

Tickets are on sale online and in-person for $20 in advance and $25 at the door. Sliding scale for students, youth, and low income folks, kids 12 and under are free. Included in the price will be dinner catered by a local authentic Mexican restaurant and music and dancing. Beverages will also be available for purchase.

Atlanta's very own DJ Perkulate will be spinning tunes all night. So come join us and bring a friend so we can light up the dance floor and get down with the cause!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

KEEP THE DATE: 7/27 JwJ Summer Fundraiser!

Atlanta JwJ is hosting it's summer fundraiser on Sat, July 27th at 7pm to celebrate all the recent worker struggles that we have been facing. 
It will be at the CWA Local 3204 Hall: 279 Logan St SE, Atlanta, GA 30312 (Map/Directions)

Women Leaders Call on Congress for Responsible Immigration Reform

Today, over 100 women leaders from around the country are in Washington, D.C. for We Belong Together's women's lobby day.  This marks the beginning of a week of action to mobilize thousands of people around the country to call on Congress to push for immigration reform that will be fair for women.
Among the women gathered in D.C. are five Jobs with Justice leaders from Missouri, Georgia, and Florida.  These women know from their work in their local communities that we are all better off when our communities are healthy and strong, we feel safe, and our children can thrive.  They will be talking to their Senators about the need for an immigration process that ensures women are treated humanely and fairly, and can bring all of their many contributions and talents to strengthen our culture, economy and communities in America.
Here are just a few of the reasons Jobs with Justice women leaders are weighing in on immigration reform:
“I am mobilizing to DC because I am an African American woman who deeply believes that the voice of black people and women need to be lifted up in the conversation about Immigration Reform. 1 in 10 immigrants are of African descent and I want to be sure some of the experiences unique to those individuals are shared.” Charmaine Davis, Atlanta Jobs with Justice
“Central Florida Jobs with Justice is proud to stand with the women of the We Belong Together Campaign. Women coming together and speaking out is an integral part of moving forward with common sense Immigration Reform. It is their voices that comfort the children of separated families and it is their voices that demand justice from our legislators.”  Ana Delarosa, Central Florida Jobs with Justice
“I'm mobilizing to DC because I truly believe in Dr. King's words for justice, he said ‘Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly"; immigration reform affects us all whether we see it as directly or indirectly.” Ariana M. Martinez, Missouri Jobs with Justice and Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates
To learn more about the campaign and how you can help support the week of action by making calls, check out:

Monday, April 22, 2013

Photos from the March to Defend Unemployment Benefits !

Hundreds of school workers from different work sites, students, organizations marching together...

Spelman Student Ayanna Spencer Speaking Out in support of campus workers!

Agnes Scott Students and Workers Marching.

Group picture in-front of the Sam Nunn Federal Building in Atlanta, GA

Lisa Lewis with AFSCME 1644, Sodexo food service for Atlanta Public Schools Speaking out.

Monday, April 15, 2013

March to Defend Unemployment Benefits this Saturday is Critical, Here's Why:

The GA Labor Commissioner was forced to shift his stance around unemployment benefits to GA school workers to the tune of 8 million dollars in back pay to 4,000 GA school workers.  This is huge!  However, it is more critical than ever that we come together this Saturday to turn up the heat and hold the GA Department of Labor (DoL) accountable.

1) It remains unclear where the 4,000 number emerged from.  We believe this number is low and that more GA school workers should be receiving wrongfully denied unemployment benefits.  Some school workers stopped applying for the benefits because they knew the GA Department of Labor was not dispersing benefits. School workers should not be penalized for following information sent by the GA DoL !
2) The mechanics of the disbursement remain unclear.  We are hearing mixed results from school workers regarding their back payments  **To GA School Workers, please reply to this e-mail or call our office at 404-913-9595 if you have received any communication from the GA DoL.  It is important that we monitor the situation closely.
3) GA Labor Commissioner Mark Butler has already stated he will push legislation next year to deny school workers their unemployment benefits.  We must continue organizing for full and fair employment now.
4) It is through organization that we beat back an attack on working Georgians by a statewide politician...  It will be through organization that we continue to push for respect for all GA school workers.  We must come together to discuss union organizing and student organizing strategies moving forward.
5) Although it is implied that GA school workers will be able to receive unemployment benefits when laid off this upcoming summer, we want a written and clear confirmation from the GA DoL that this is the case.

All that being said....  The time to unite with GA school workers and students from across the state is this Saturday April 20th at 12:00 pm.We will gather at the Atlanta University Center (AUC) right in-front of Clark Atlanta University on the Promenade, 223 James P. Brawley Dr. SW Atlanta, GA.  There is a visitor parking deck one block east at the corner of Mildred St. and Atlanta Student Movement Blvd.  We will march 1.6 miles to the US DoL offices on Forsyth St. in Atlanta. For folks that cannot march that far we will have transportation from the AUC to the US DoL Office.  Following the march there will be a gathering of GA school workers and students on Spelman's campus to talk out next steps.

There will be a membership drive for Atlanta Jobs with Justice with a reduced cost of $5.00 to become a dues paying member during the march.  Take advantage of this opportunity to get further plugged into the movement for working people in GA.

Please spread the word!  Especially to impacted GA school workers...  If there are any questions please call the Atlanta Jobs with Justice office at 404-913-9595.

Justice for School Workers !

Friday, April 5, 2013

Victory!! 8 MILLION DOLLARS for GA School Workers! We couldn't have done it with out your support!


All of your work, actions, calls, prayers, struggling, pushing and pulling has all, finally, paid off!! Yesterday evening on this historic anniversary of Dr. King's assassination, workers have won a massive victory in the State of GA!

Due to our efforts Mark Butler, the GA Labor Commissioner, is required pay back more than 8 MILLION DOLLARS in unemployment compensation to school workers who were unlawfully denied their benefits last year.
Furthermore, we were able to reverse Mark Butler's unlawful rule change that denied these workers their fair compensation.  School workers throughout the State of GA are now eligible again to recieve unemployment benefits during school breaks including this year's upcoming summer break.
Finally, through all this struggle Mark Butler showed has some semblance of respect for the workers. Quoted in the Rome News Tribune he said: "These workers deserve to be paid year-round just like their publicly-employed counterparts. Instead, their employers underpay them...".

However we must not get complacent, Mark Butler has publicly stated in the Atlanta Journal Constitution that he will seek to deny these workers their unemployment benefits again next year by passing a bill similar to SB227/HB361. SB227/HB361 would have made the denials of unemployment benefits for school workers permanent under GA law, however from your support we were recently able to prevent this bill from passing.

We must be vigilant and remain strong together to stand up to any attacks from Mark Butler and others who seek to attack hard working people and deny them rights and dignity.

Lastly, we must congratulate all the hardworking school workers who stood strong during this difficult year and struck with the struggle everyday. Also, we must thank the US Department of Labor for standing up for struggling workers in GA and for requiring that GA Labor Commissioner Mark Butler return the earned unemployment benefits that were owed to the school workers.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Will fight this bill to the end. And then we march. Justice for School Workers.

Despite passionate arguments by the GA senators that stand with working people, HB361 passed the senate on a party line vote (36-16) on Monday.  It now goes back to the house for an up or down vote, and if voted through it will go to Governor Nathan Deal to be signed or vetoed.  We will fight this bill to the end and then we will March to Defend Unemployment Benefits in GA on April 20th.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is the last day of the legislature (called "sine die") and HB361 needs an up or down vote in the house.  Take action below to urge speaker of the house David Ralston, your congressperson, and Governor Nathan Deal to stop it.

HB361 would put into state law Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler's unemployment benefit cuts to laid off Georgia school workers. HB361 would also undermine workers' ability to sustain union representation in their workplace.  Stand with Georgia cafeteria workers, bus drivers, crossing guards and private school teachers!

Please Take Action to Stop HB 361:

1) Click Here to take action online and send a message to your representative, the Speaker of the House David Ralston and Governor Nathan Deal opposing HB 361.

2) Call your GA House Rep. and David Ralston the Speaker of the House and tell them to oppose this bill.

Picture Not Found
David Ralston's Office Phone number: 404.656.5020

Find your Congressperson's number here
Sample Call Script:

Hello my name is _____________,
I am calling because I am opposed to HB 361, a bill that would eliminate unemployment benefits for over 60,000 school workers in GA. This bill is not fair because these workers are laid off multiples times a year during school breaks oftentimes with no income. They do not have the same job security and benefits as public educational workers. HB 361 is bad for GA school workers and bad for GA's students.

3) Join us at the capitol tomorrow (Thursday).  We will be there all day beginning at 10:00 am tracking the bill

4) In April we will be hitting the streets for a statewide march to defend unemployment benefits in Georgia! Georgia school workers, students and community members from across the state will unite in Atlanta.  Mark your calendars for 12:00 pm April 20th, gather at the AUC Promenade, 223 James P. Brawley Dr. SW Atlanta, GA.  Facebook event is HERE , or for those of you not on Facebook there is more information HERE

Monday, March 25, 2013

Today GA Senate Decides whether to Ban over 60,000 School Workers from Receiving Unemployment Benefits

This afternoon, the GA State Senate will vote on HB 361, a bill that will effectively ban over 60,000 school workers in the State of GA from receiving unemployment benefits when laid off during school breaks. This bill comes a year after GA Labor Commissioner Mark Butler unilaterally denied unemployment benefits to GA school workers with out any authorization under the law. This bill is an effort to bring Mark Butler's extralegal decision into accordance with unemployment law. The push for this bill highlights the unlawful nature of the unemployment benefits that were already denied to GA school workers throughout 2012.

Earlier this month the senate tried to pass this measure as an independent bill SB 227, however that bill failed to crossover. The language of SB 227 was amended to HB 361, a bill designed to allow let union members leave their union at any time during the year, and require the posting of instructions on how to leave or decertify unions in the workplace.

Today, GA Senators will decide whether low-income school workers across the state will permanently loose access to the unemployment benefits in which they require to support their families.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SB 227 has been resurrected as HB 361! We need you to contact GA State Senate Members

The Georgia anti-working family legislators are at it again. After SB227 (the bill that would put Labor Commissioner Mark Butler's denial of unemployment benefits into law) failed to pass a Senate Committee, legislators are still trying to pass this bill by attaching it to HB361.

HB361 would now legalize Mark Butler's unlawful denial of unemployment benefits to GA school workers and undermine workers' ability to sustain union representation in their workplace, an all out assault on the rights of Georgia workers.

Please Take Action to Stop HB 361:

Click Here to take action online and send a message to the GA Senate opposing HB 361.

2) Call your GA State Senator and Lt. Gov Casey Cagle the President of the Senate and tell them to oppose this bill.

Lt. Gov Casey Cagle: Your Georgia State Senator:
240 State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334

Phone: 404-656-5030
Fax: 404-656-6739
Click here to look up your senator &
Find contact info for all GA State Senators at:

Sample Call Script:

Hello my name is _____________,
I am calling because I am opposed to HB 361, a bill that would eliminate unemployment benefits for over 60,000 school workers in GA. This bill is not fair because these workers are laid off multiples times a year during school breaks and most have no income during these periods. They do not have the same job security and benefits as public educational workers. HB 361 is bad for GA school workers and bad for GA's students.