Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stand Up with Unlawfully Fired School Bus Drivers at the School of the Americas Protest.

Justice for School Workers.

Every November, thousands of social justice activists gather at the School of the America's (SoA) in Columbus, GA to protest the school that has trained Latin American soldiers to murder and shut down political dissidents and democratically elected governments in the region.

Atlanta Jobs with Justice will be going to Columbus, GA specifically to support two recently fired bus drivers (Miss Glenda and Miss Olivia) who worked at Ft. Benning.  Miss Glenda and Miss Olivia are leaders in the "Justice fo
r School Workers" campaign that aims to reinstate unemployment benefits denied to laid off Georgia school workers and organize for union protection on the job.  This led into union organizing in their workplace where they are both dynamic leaders. Miss Glenda and Miss Olivia were unlawfully fired by their company (Taylor Motors - which has a contract at the military base) because they were standing up for their rights on the job. The company made this move to intimidate other workers out of organizing. We cannot tolerate any acts of retaliation against organizing workers in our state. We must hold this company accountable.

We will provide transportation and lodging for anyone that is willing to put 2 hours of time into collecting petition signatures and spreading awareness at the SoA protest in support of Miss Glenda and Miss Olivia. The rest of the time, feel free to enjoy the general events. This event is critical because there will be thousands of social justice advocates converging in Columbus, GA.... And we know that Taylor Motors holds federal contracts throughout the Southeastern United States. We aim to raise awareness and push for action against Taylor Motors until they agree to rehire Miss Olivia and Miss Glenda.

We will meet at our office location at 7:00 am in order to car pool down to the SoA protest. Our office is located here: 250 Georgia Ave. Room 309 Atlanta, GA 30312. Meet in the parking lot. We would like to offer two options for participants to either return from Columbus later on the night of November 17th, or stay the night in Columbus and return to Atlanta the afternoon of November 18th.

Join the Facebook Event HERE

HERE is more information about the School of the Americas (SoA) schedule of events and history

HERE is more information about the Justice for School Workers Campaign

Hold Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler accountable.

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