Thursday, September 27, 2012

**EVENT POSTPONED.Hold Butler Accountable. Thank the US DoL.


Justice for School Workers.

The Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler unlawfully cut off unemployment benefits to laid off school workers this summer. The US Department of Labor (DoL) called him out for violating state and federal guidelines and threatened to cut off $72 million in federal administrative grants to the GA DoL if he did not immediately reinstate the benefits. Butler has since replied to the US DoL with the help of GA attorney general Sam Olens claiming that he is following state and federal guidel ines and asking the US DoL to reconsider their stance.

We will be gathering at the regional US DoL office in Atlanta to thank them for their initial stand against Butler's attack on Georgia's school workers (bus drivers, food service workers, janitors, crossing guards). However, it is imperative for the well being of tens of thousands of school workers and their families that this issue is resolved expediently. We need the US DoL to press Mark Butler to follow basic state and federal guidelines. School workers are in debt from the summer and any delays in paying back the denied unemployment is immoral and unlawful.

Please join us at the Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center to thank the US DoL for doing the right thing the first time and to urge them to follow through with their commitment.

Thursday October 4th
11:30 am
Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Building 61 Forsyth Street, SW.

If you can make a sign please do! Otherwise we will have some signs for folks.

"US DoL, Right the First Time"
"Butler hurts school workers"

By MARTA: go to Five Points station and exit on the Forsyth street side. The Sam Nunn Federal center is about 200 yards to the left after exiting the station.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Support the Union Musicians of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Many of you know that the 95 union musicians of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, members of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Players' Association, have been locked out by the ASO management and Woodruff Arts Center management.  Although the musicians have offered many concessions, management wants more and has even cut off the musicians' health insurance!  The first concert is scheduled for October 4, so this coming week will be crucial.   

You can find out many details on the Players’ Association web site .  A few facts and ways we can help--pasted below—were taken directly from the web site.

  • As of August 26th, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra musicians have been without any pay or benefits, also known as being locked out.
  • On August 31, health, dental, and disability insurance policies for all musicians, several of whom are battling cancer and other debilitating health crises, have also been cancelled by the Woodruff Arts Center as threatened.
  • Musicians have offered $4 million in concessions over two years and to contribute more for their health insurance, but the ASO management wants more.
  • The musicians point out that between 2006 and 2012, ASO staff compensation increased 49.5% while musicians’ compensation increased 16% (inflation was 14% between 2006 and 2012).
How we can help:  Email and/or phone those in charge! And send a letter-to-the-editor to the newspapers suggested below.  The musicians also say they will appreciate our sending a copy of our correspondence to them at   

Stanley E. Romanstein, Ph.D.,
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Jim Abrahamson
Chair of the ASO Board

Virginia Hepner (write emails to the WAC Executive Board to her)
President & CEO
Woodruff Arts Center

Larry Gellerstedt, III
Chair of Executive Board of Woodruff Arts Center

Howard Feinsand
Finance Chair

To submit a letter to the editor of the AJC:

Creative Loafing:

Atlanta Business Chronicle, click on the contact the editor tab to submit:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Atlanta Jobs with Justice Receives Grant from RESIST Foundation

The Atlanta Jobs with Justice Coalition has been awarded a grant from RESIST, Inc., a national progressive foundation located in Somerville, Massachusetts.

The grant was provided for Atlanta Jobs with Justice to lead and support strategic labor and community campaigns throughout the city of Atlanta. "It's great to see the RESIST Foundation recognizing and valuing the work we do and providing direct support to further our efforts" states Neil Sardana the Secretary of Atlanta Jobs with Justice.

RESIST began in 1967 in support of draft resistance and in opposition to the Vietnam War.  As the funder of first resort for hundreds of organizations, RESIST's small but timely grants and loans are made to grassroots groups engaged in activist organizing and educational work for social change.  RESIST defines organizing as collective action to challenge the status quo, demand changes in policy and practice, and educate communities about root causes and just solutions.  RESIST recognizes that there are a variety of stages and strategies that lead to community organizing.  Therefore, they support strategies that build community, encourage collaborations with other organizations, increase skills and/or access to resources, and produce leadership from the constituency being most directly affected.  In fiscal year 2011, RESIST gave over $342,000 to 130 organizations across the country.

"Each year, RESIST funds groups like Atlanta Jobs with Justice, because our mission is to support people who take a stand about the issues that matter today, whether it's to resist corporate globalization, promote a woman's right to choose, or develop activist leaders," says Board Chair Miabi Chatterji.  "And we believe it's especially important to help grassroots organizations that might be too small or too local -- or too radical -- for mainstream foundations."

More information about the RESIST foundation can be found on their website HERE