Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Tea Party Agrees: SB 469 Must be Stopped!

The Atlanta Tea Party has come out against SB 469 a bill that would destroy our first amendment right to free speech as enshrined in the Constitution.  But even that hasn’t stopped extreme legislators who are trying to pass this destructive bill.

An excerpt from the Atlanta Tea Party email on SB 469:

"This is not a right or left issue, it is a right or wrong issue. We may not agree with the all of the politics listed in the scenarios above, but we will defend their right to speak and protest, because this is America. If we destroy the First Amendment, we cease to be a free nation. We believe SB 469 is a gross violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution, and needs to be defeated."

Take Action:
The House Industrial Relations Committee will hold a vote on SB 469 TODAY at 2:00 p.m. and we need you to take action. Please click here now to send an email to your Representatives asking them to protect free speech and vote NO on SB 469.

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