Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rally against SB 469: Stop the Attack on Workers' rights & Civil liberties

When: Monday,  March 5th at 5pm
Where: Georgia Capitol Building
(206 Washington St. SW Atlanta, GA 30334)

What: Calling all Georgia’s working families, progressive allies, community organizations, and all who care about social and economic justice, free speech, and democracy to stand in opposition to Senate Bill 469 - a politically-driven bill intended to intimidate Georgia's working families.

SB 469 would criminalize forms of public pickets for economic justice, effectively de-fund Georgia’s unions, and further penalized political non-violent civil disobedience. In short, the bill is a full scale assault on fundamental human and democratic rights.

SB 469 is part of a broad effort to weaken the middle class in order to benefit the 1%. The bill shares characteristics of model legislation from ALEC, an out-of-state, secretive, corporate-funded council that hands state legislators laws designed to benefit CEOs.

SB 469 seeks to silence dissent and any opposition to corporate and government policies at a time when millions of working families continue to suffer the hardships and pain of this economic crisis.

SB 469 affects us all - Georgia’s 99%. Its time we tell the Georgia Senate to say ‘NO’ to this anti-democratic, anti-labor, anti-freedom bill. Spread the word about this event, far and wide. Let’s build for a HUGE rally on March 5th at 5pm at the Gold Dome (Georgia state capitol building)!

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