Sunday, March 11, 2012

Camp Out For Jobs @ AT$T! We Need More Tents!

If you have been on the fence about coming down and actually camping out at AT$T then this is the day and night to do it: March 14th.  675 W Peachtree St. NE. Steps of the locked down AT$T building.

AT$T intends to announce another round of layoffs on March 15th.  We plan to encircle the block around AT$T on March 14th to make them think twice...  AT$T workers have committed to filling up the block, will you join us?

The days will be chock full of community building events including:

Wednesday 12:00 pm and on, Bring your tents, sleeping bags and blankets if you have them!! If not, we will provide you with a tent and blankets. We need to get as many new campers out as possible! Our goal is to surround the block. There will be banner making throughout the day, come on down!

Wednesday 6:00 pm Community Dinner, food will be provided, but feel free to bring a dish of your own.  This will be an opportunity for fellowship and to help grow the encampment around AT$T. Yum!

Thursday 8-9am, Rush hour rally! Thousands of folks will drive by Camp AT&T during that hour, there’s also a ton of foot traffic. If you can’t sleep over, maybe you can come join us in the morning.

Thursday 9am, Breakfast on the steps of AT&T. Come join us for breakfast ya’ll! Maybe even bring something to share!

Thursday 12-12:30pm, interfaith prayer service in AT$T’s courtyard

Thursday 1pm- Starving the hungry ghost meditation on the steps of AT$T. These meditations have been really powerful and are non-religious. I must say that they also strike a pretty powerful image for those passing by.

Watch me!!!!

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