Monday, February 13, 2012

Union/Occupy Protest to Save Jobs Leads to Arrest

Today, 12 individuals from Atlanta Jobs with Justice, Communications Workers of America (CWA), and Occupy Atlanta were arrested in an act of civil disobedience that called on AT&T to rescind the order for 740 AT&T layoffs. This action is a result of AT&T's announcement that it was necessary to layoff 740 service technicians followed by an announcement that revenue soared in 2011 to almost 127 billion. The loss of 740 jobs not only affects each individual but the thousands of family members that they support. At a time when our country’s economy has been hit by massive unemployment and record breaking foreclosures, the CEO of AT&T is making 27million per year. This is the time to demand that the value of human life and well-being is more important than corporate advancement. Occupy Atlanta is committed to the fight for the rights of laborers and will continue to support CWA in its demands of AT&T.

Tomorrow, February 14, Occupy Atlanta will stand with CWA in a rally at AT&T 675 West Peachtree St. We are asking AT&T to show their employees some love and rescind all of the 740 layoffs.

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