Monday, February 13, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: AT&T Occupation started at 12pm Today

Occupy Atlanta, Atlanta Jobs with Justice, Communication Workers of America, and AFSC have just entered the AT&T Atlanta headquarters and are refusing to leave until every single job cut is rescinded. Simultaneously, an occupation with tents is being set up outside of the building.

AT&T recently announced the "surplus" of 740 union AT&T jobs despite its revenues soaring to $126.7 billion and a CEO that made over $27 million in 2011. 

Multinational corporations like AT&T have been undermining workers standards of living for decades. If we stand up for union jobs with AT&T we can stand up for a future where there's enough for everyone, a future that creates space for all of us to thrive. Lift up the South, lift up this nation.

Let's not get it twisted. There's enough resources to go around. The crisis isn't about resources. It's about economic priorities. It's time that the 99% stand up to the unprecedented wealth consolidation that has been robbing our communities. Together we can take these 740 jobs off the chopping block. Let this action be the beginning of a movement to put human need above corporate greed in a very real, tangible way.

It's time to bring the energy from Wisconsin into the South and it's time to support the Occupy movement and concrete worker struggles across the country.

Call AT&T to rescind all of the 740 proposed layoffs now:
205-977-0722 Michael Matthews Vice President Southeast Labor Relations

Send a personal e-mail message about these layoffs to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson here:

Contribute to the Occupy Atlanta Legal fund to support actions like this:


  1. Its money that drives this greedy CEO for his own pockets and those of his conspirators. Either ALL the employees go back to work and made whole or citizens like me will cancel ALL our A.T.&T services. We have choices.

    A.T.&T has been driven by corporate raiders and criminals ever since ethical leaders like Chairman Olson passed away and President Kleinert ran the corporation in New Jersey.

    The stock holders need to demand new, ethical leaders for A.T.&T not the current Enron types.

  2. If the company wants to save money the stock holders should get rid of this CEO who steals $27,000,000.00 a year from the coffers all by himself with this single salary. Outrageous!

  3. Its not about employees who earn their wages its about the CEO who does not earn his. He must step down or be thrown out! The good people of Wisconsin know how to get rid of their corrupt Governor. The working people of A.T&T should follow their lead and never give up on this issue.

  4. I don't know, this just doesn't make any sense. Why currently on you have independant recruiters as well as AT&T's own "Talent Attraction Managers" aggresively out there looking for both craft, engineering and other managerial positions. So to be focusing on layoffs like this while actively recruiting ... ? Kind of brings to mind an artical in the Wall Street Journal August 25, 2011 ... boy, I will never forget day. Anyway, the FCC was furious with AT&T (right in the middle of that T-Mobile merger). Seems AT&T wasn't exactly totally forthcoming on information they were submitting ... Are they doing it again ? You ... the rank and file have to start questioning and pressuring those suits that are supposed to be protecting you.

    Is this linked to the main CWA website ? ... Good Luck

  5. Let Randall know there is talent in America and he is letting them go!


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