Friday, February 17, 2012

AT$T Occupation. Measuring Our Power Part 1.

Today marks the 5th day of the AT$T Occupation. Today marks the 5th day that AT$T's four main public doors have been locked to the public due to the organizing hub developing right at AT&T's doorstep.

Over 19 tents can be found neatly lined up along the sidewalk, care has been taken to allow enough space for people to walk by and to remain a completely legal occupation. The tents are weighed down at all four corners with rocks wrapped in plastic bags. The bags are used to ensure that the rocks do not rip the tents, while the weight is needed because urban occupations often do not have soft ground to stick tent stakes into for stability. Signs are posted that state "No Drugs or Alcohol". This Occupation is family friendly and is a safe space for our community members.

Rock weight shown above
Community members continue to support the occupation with food and moral support. The CWA brought out tarps, water, socks and blankets.

The support shown from different sectors of our city is truly what building a community is all about. We need jobs not cuts and we're willing to stay as long as it takes until AT$T chooses to respect our community and sit down and negotiate with the CWA. It should be noted that the longer AT$T waits the more time that we have to organize and escalate. If they are worried only about the 675 building it would be naive of them.
Picture above shows a tent elevated by a pallet to stay dry and warm

Last night was the opening night for the Alvin Ailey American Dance at the Fox Theatre. Given the proximity of the Fox Theatre this offered a great opportunity for Jobs with Justice and Occupy Atlanta to engage with our community members about what all the tents are about. Over 500 fliers were passed out and the reception was very positive. It is clear that much of our community has felt the weight of unemployment....

CWA members have been supporting the occupation, last night a CWA member stayed all night in a tent. To our community, the best thing you can do to support this occupation is to donate your time. Come down and share some time with good people. That is how we're going to build power for working, unemployed and underemployed people in this city. If you can't donate your time than here is a list of thing that would be useful to support the occupation:

Duct Tape
String or thin rope
Financial donations

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