Tuesday, February 14, 2012

AT&T Protests Escalate to Mass Mobilization & Sustained Occupation

Following the arrest of 12 activists on February 13th, Jobs with Justice, the CWA and Occupy Atlanta returned in force to the hub of AT&T in the South. Over 300 unionists and community members surged onto the private "courtyard" in-front of the AT&T 675 West Peachtree building which immediately caused the 4 entrances of the building to be blocked and barricaded by AT&T management. The building remained locked for most of the day shutting down business as usual.

Occupiers settled in in front of the building on the public side walk throughout the night of February 13th. The tents shine a bright spotlight on the corporate greed of AT&T threatening to layoff 740 hardworking community members.

During the mobilization on the 14th, occupiers proclaimed that they would continue to build the occupation until AT&T rescinds all of the 740 lay offs. A CWA member member then proudly took the mic and stated "I've got a tent and I'm going to camp here until these layoffs are rescinded."

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