Sunday, January 29, 2012

Occupy AT&T-This is Our Community.

We had the chance to hear from a member of our community and 20 year employee of AT&T with Bellsouth:

Q: "Recently AT&T announced that they're going to surplus a bunch of jobs (740) in Georgia and the Southeast, what's your opinion on that?"

A: "To me it's kinda emotional because I come out here every day to work... And it's almost like I'm working myself out of a job. The harder I work... the more money I make for the company, which gives the managers and executives a bonus" (and the executives want more and more output from less and less workers).

"So it's almost like they get a bonus for working me to death but then I'm working my co-workers out of a job. Then come March, my big reward for working extra hard is to get terminated. If that's not corporate greed, I don't know what is."

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Decatur Community Says No to Walmart!

This past Friday over 40 Decatur, GA community residents came out in the pouring rain to tell the world they value strong communities, good jobs, safe roads and local businesses. Decatur community members stood at the six road intersection near suburban plaza with signs and good spirits. Community members are quickly mobilizing to develop a strategy to keep out the poverty spawning behemoth: Walmart.

The Decatur community and allies will be out again this Friday January 27th, 4:30-5:30 pm at the intersection of N. Decatur and Scott Boulevard in Decatur, GA. Come join !

Sign a petition against Walmart coming into Suburban Plaza here:

Atlanta Jobs with Justice stands with the Decatur Community!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mass Mobilization. Defend 740 Union AT&T Jobs.

MLK March 2012.

Atlanta Jobs with Justice sang and marched side by side with our sisters and brothers from the community and the Atlanta labor movement on MLK day. We marched from downtown Atlanta to Ebenezer Baptist Church.  It was an opportunity to remember the legacy of MLK and to continue that legacy by raising awareness within our community about the 740 layoffs that are facing CWA union members at AT&T.  It was MLK that fostered relationships between labor unions, community members and anyone that supports dignity.  It was in this spirit that we mobilized on MLK day and it is in this spirit that we will mobilize on February 14th to keep our community working with dignity.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Imagine the Angels of Bread.

A poem by Martin Espada.

This is the year that squatters evict landlords,
gazing like admirals from the rail
of the roofdeck
or levitating hands in praise
of steam in the shower;
this is the year
that shawled refugees deport judges
who stare at the floor
and their swollen feet
as files are stamped
with their destination;
this is the year that police revolvers,
stove-hot, blister the fingers
of raging cops,
and nightsticks splinter
in their palms;
this is the year
that darkskinned men
lynched a century ago
return to sip coffee quietly
with the apologizing descendants
of their executioners.

This is the year that those
who swim the border's undertow
and shiver in boxcars
are greeted with trumpets and drums
at the first railroad crossing
on the other side;
this is the year that the hands
pulling tomatoes from the vine
uproot the deed to the earth that sprouts the vine,
the hands canning tomatoes
are named in the will
that owns the bedlam of the cannery;
this is the year that the eyes
stinging from the poison that purifies toilets
awaken at last to the sight
of a rooster-loud hillside,
pilgrimage of immigrant birth;
this is the year that cockroaches
become extinct, that no doctor
finds a roach embedded
in the ear of an infant;
this is the year that the food stamps
of adolescent mothers
are auctioned like gold doubloons,
and no coin is given to buy machetes
for the next bouquet of severed heads
in coffee plantation country.

If the abolition of slave-manacles
began as a vision of hands without manacles,
then this is the year;
if the shutdown of extermination camps
began as imagination of a land
without barbed wire or the crematorium,
then this is the year;
if every rebellion begins with the idea
that conquerors on horseback
are not many-legged gods, that they too drown
if plunged in the river,
then this is the year.

So may every humiliated mouth,
teeth like desecrated headstones,
fill with the angels of bread.