Sunday, December 18, 2011

Caroling for Workers' Rights at Verizon.

On Saturday morning, we learned that our crew has a knack for singing carols, especially when it's about justice for working families. Community members came out to send a message to the Verizon upper management: our community will not support companies that are trying to slash the wages, benefits and working conditions of thousands of its employees, while the company's profits are high. Great to have Atlanta JwJ coalition members including the CWA local 3204, CWA local 3250, Teamsters local 728 and the Metro Atlanta DSA out there working it.

We delivered our message in the form of song:

No More Cuts (Jingle Bells)

Slashing basic health
And cutting worker pay
The company’s not broke
Stop bargaining this way (Ow! Ow! Ow!)

Enough is enough
We are here to stay
It’s time to show respect
That’s what we’re here to say

Oh! No more cuts
No more cuts
No more cuts—no way!
We need all of our benefits
To make it through the day!
Oh! No more cuts

No more cuts
No more cuts—no way!
Until we get our benefits
Well make Verizon pay!


Rudolph the Union reindeer
Pulled the sleigh for old St. Nick
He signed a Union contract
He knew North Pole politics.

All of the other reindeer
Worked long hours around the clock
They paid no heed to Rudolph
They worked in non-union shops.
Then one year on Christmas Eve
They all came to say,
"We will do what you advise
Rudolph, help us organize!"
Then how the reindeer loved him
As they lined up with their sleigh
Now when they work on Christmas
They’re all getting premium pay.

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