Sunday, November 6, 2011

Two Corporate Giants, One Saturday Morning.

Atlanta Jobs with Justice sent a message to both Home Depot and Verizon this past Saturday morning for their role in holding down working families across the United States. Home Depot contracts out to a company called Republic Services to haul its garbage. Republic Services is campaigning across the country to undermine the union contracts that keep their employees safe-employees who do hazardous work to protect the health of Home Depot customers and the public at large.

Verizon continues to demand huge concessions from their employees at the bargaining table. A report just came out revealing that Verizon had not paid taxes for the past three years. With the Occupy movement building momentum corporate giants that continue to disrespect their employees become obvious targets.

JwJ members passed out fliers to Home Depot customers and employees before heading over to Verizon Wireless to inform customers about Verizon's treatment of their employees. The Atlanta Police Department was called by Verizon and they asked us to leave the private parking lot.

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