Monday, March 20, 2017

February Rewind

College Park City Rally and Community Prayer

Atlanta JwJ stood with employees of College Park and AFSCME 1644 as workers rallied to have the city recognize their union on Feb 23. The workers were joined by the International President of AFSCME Lee Saunders to show unequivocal support for workers organizing in the Atlanta area. Also joining these workers were faith leaders and local politicians encouraging the City of College Park to respect their employees decision to unionize.
Rally Against ICE Raids on Day Without Immigrants

Atlanta JwJ stood with our partners the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights to call for an end to ICE Raids across targeting residents across the State of Georgia. This all happened as we saw immigrant workers take off work and businesses shutting down as a part of A Day Without Immigrants. We stand firm calling on our elected leaders to put an end to mass detentions and deportations of immigrant workers in our communities! #Not1More
Economic Justice Day at the Capitol

Atlanta JwJ joined the Economic Justice Day at the Capitol on February 15th to advocate for $15 Minimum wage in Georgia. In addition the the rally outside the capitol, Atlanta JwJ members were able to meet with a few of their elected representatives to voice their position on several bills impacting working Georgians.

Friday, January 27, 2017

J'17 ATL --> DC Trip & Womens March

To kick our work in 2017, Atlanta Jobs with Justice organized and lead the J’17 ATL --> DC Young Leaders Unite Trip with 18 young leaders and community members from the Atlanta area. This trip was designed knowing that no matter who won the 2016 Presidential Election that we would need to turn up in DC and show the new administration that we are ready to take action, fight for our rights, and continue marching on a path towards justice with a progressive vision for our nation.

On the first full day in DC and the last day of the Obama Administration, we took our group to the National Museum of African American History & Culture. This was to ground ourselves in the history of our nation to better understand the roots of racial oppression in our nation and what it took for freedom fighters to move our nation forward from the age of slavery to the civil rights movement and then to the election of President Obama.


On the second day in DC, AtlantaJwJ hosted a strategy session to discuss our vision for 2017 (outlined below) and to discuss organizing strategies and perspectives on the Atlanta community towards the effort of moving forward on a long term effort of building and achieving a vision for a more just and progressive vision for Atlanta.
On the third day in DC, AtlantaJwJ lead our trip participants to the National Women’s March on DC on the National Mall. There we so many people at the March that it wasn’t possible to hear the speakers, so we provided some excitement and energy in the areas around our group. We lead several chants, played protest music, and got the energy up in the crowd around us.

On our last day in DC, AtlantaJwJ had a closing session and debrief with all our trip participants and then gave them the opportunity to take a walk to see major US Government institutions including the Supreme Court and the US Capitol Building.

Monday, October 17, 2016

The March to November 2016!

In our run up to the Nov 8, 2016 General Election, Atlanta JwJ has been busy getting workers registered and ready to vote in this crucial upcoming election. Check out all our updates from Fall 2016 below!

Atlanta JwJ Marches with Pride At Work ATL:
Atlanta JwJ joined the newly formed ATL Pride at Work chapter with CWA 3204 and Unite Here 23 to march in the 2016 Pride Parade. We had a blast and got the word out that we all need to #VoteWithJustice in the upcoming Nov election! "Queer workers united will never be defeated!"
#FightFor15 Rally Against Sexual Harassment & #VoteWithJustice Blitz:
On October 6th Atlanta JwJ join ATL Raise Up to speak out against sexual harassment on at work which is particularly rampant in the fast food industry. Later on Oct 14 & 15 we and ATL Raise Up came together for the #VoteWithJustice worker blitz in Atlanta, reaching out to workers across the city to turn up for the #FightFor15 by voting in the upcoming General Election on Nov 8th, 2016!

Many Rivers to Cross Festival:
We had a great time at the Many Rivers To Cross Festival which took part on Oct 1 & 2 outside the City of Atlanta. This was an amazing festival featuring musicians, artists, and community leaders supporting efforts to win justice for our communities in Georgia and across the nation.

Fulton For $15:
On September 21st, the Fulton County Commission approved, 5-2, increasing the base salary for County employees to $31,000 or $14.90/hr over the next five years. 

Labor Day 2016: 
Hope everyone had a great labor day this year! We would like to thank our partners at the Atlanta North Georgia Labor Council for hosting us at their Annual Labor Day Celebration Picnic.
Back to School Roll Call Blitz:
The last week of August, we conducted our Back to School Roll Call Blitz & Voter Registration Drive where we sent people out to 216 worksites & had 1033 conversations and got 305 people pledged to vote about getting organized and prepared to vote in the upcoming 2016 Election.

Stop OSD Rally & Canvass:
-Atlanta JwJ rallied and canvassed with ATL for ALL to encourage our community to vote No on OSD/GA Ballot Proposal 1 that will allow the state to takeover schools! #VoteNoOSD.

Fight For $15 National Convention:
Atlanta JwJ went on the road with ATL Raise Up for the national #FightFor15 Convention in Richmond, VA.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

#VoteWithJustice 2016